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ALanesboro Localbout Us

Lanesboro Local is a virtual online clearinghouse for producers of local foods, goods and services. Lanesboro Local, Inc. is a non-profit organization that makes a lasting impact on our local economy by building relationships between producers and buyers.


Lanesboro Local’s mission is to strengthen our rural communities by connecting producers of food, arts, goods and services to larger audiences. We bring the bounty of southeastern Minnesota to residents and visitors.



Lanesboro Local, Inc. is a non-profit organization founded in 2009. We are based in the well-recognized small town of Lanesboro, population 754, yet our scope is the wider driftless region of southeast Minnesota, northeast Iowa and southwest Wisconsin. This beautiful area of rivers and hills, small farms and artists, and a thriving local economy is home to a remarkable number of residents who make their living selling local foods, artisan products and services.

The Lanesboro Local Marketplace for local foods and goods was our primary focus from 2009 through 2013. We built a successful store with a hundred local producers who consigned their products for sale to the public. After moving to a larger and beautifully renovated historic building, we decided to spin-off the Marketplace to the building owners for a private sector grocery store

Our Current Focus

This website is your guide to local sellers of all things local. Contact producers directly to find out how to purchase their products. If you are a local producer, contact us to showcase your products on this website.

Board and Staff

Bonnie Haugen, Board Chairperson
Nancy Martinson
Mary Bell
Loni Kemp
Lori Slindee, Staff