Norwegian Folk Art

Norwegian Folk Art by Lynn and David

Lynn and David Susag
P.O. Box 82
Lanesboro, MN 55949

Phone: 507-467-0100
Email: trailside@acegroup

Norwegian Folk Art inspired by “everything that is Norwegian” but hand crafted in Lanesboro. Lynn and David enjoy taking classes at Folk Schools that teach Norwegian Folk Art traditions and use authentic materials. In anticipation of Ibsen Festival and Syttende Mai Lynn has designed lefse sticks decorated with svidekor (Norwegian wood burning) or as she likes to say “lefse sticks with a twist!” Also, in bright and cheery colors Lynn flat plane carved wooden hearts to share with special loved ones in your life. David and Lynn will have a Norwegian Folk Art Display at Lanesboro Local this spring featuring the following: birch bark boxes, Norwegian knives, ale bowls and drinking cups, Scandinavian flat plane figure carving and more.