How to Speed Up the Process of Converting JPG to Word?

For certain, at least once you had to face such a situation, when it was necessary to transfer a certain text to a digital format. Suppose you need to reprint the text into a Microsoft Word document from a photo of a book page. Very few people will be happy to deal with this kind of work because this process, as a rule, takes a lot of time. Many users simply do not know how to transfer jpg to word, how to delete, how to copy text from a photo or from a picture.

What Is the Possible Solution?

If your camera is at your fingertips, then everything will be much easier and faster. You can speed up the routine, tedious work using the camera and a special free service If you have not transferred the photo from the camera to the computer, then be sure to do it. Then you need to go online. At this service you upload your image. The format is absolutely irrelevant. You can upload in JPG, PNG, PCX, TIFF, etc.

Be sure to choose the language of the text on the image. Decide on the format that is most convenient for you:

  • xls, open with Microsoft Excel;
  • doc, to open which use Microsoft Word;
  • txt, which opens with notepad.

Click "Convert". The service quickly scans your image and gives you a clean text that does not contain the extra details that were present on the image. Then you can copy and paste it into any document or download it as a separate file.

One important condition affects the quality of the text you receive after scanning. Being placed on the photo, the letters must be clearly written, that is, do not contain decorative curves, do not go over the contour into blur, do not merge with the general background, and so on.

Simply put, the picture must be very clear. Words are written in black on a light or white background. They must be sufficiently well distinguishable so that their recognition by the scanner does not cause problems. Only in this case will be able to get the text without errors.

What If Instead of a Picture You Have a PDF Document?

If you need to copy text or photos from a pdf document, then this can be done using Adobe reader. To do this, first install it. Running the program, go to the menu "File" and find the document you need. After it opens, select the text you want on the image. Then in the “Edit” menu, find the item called “Copy” or use the keyboard shortcut CTRL + C. A copy must be saved: paste into a Notepad, a Word document, etc. But all these manipulations will be done only if the owner of the PDF document does not protect it from being copied.

If you want to delete text from photo or image, it is also possible. This is done in the program PhotoShop. If this software is not installed on your PC, then first of all correct this situation (the installation package can be downloaded on the Internet).

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