The Tendencies of the Book Industry

BookNet Canada reports increase in print revenue for indie booksellers amidst the general trends for the books industry. This non-profit organization reported that almost 80% of respondents read one book annually. It's worth mentioning that the number of respondents who had read at least one book during the last year has reduced since 2014 though. Meanwhile, 88% of respondents reported reading at least one book, mainly libros de terror.

Books Market Trends

Three out of four Canadian indie booksellers describe their business as well-balanced. Almost six in ten booksellers remain optimistic about the general health of the Canadian publishing industry.

What's in Store: The State of Independent Bookselling in Canada determines an initial basis for looking at the health and challenges of indie book retail throughout the country. The report surveys all aspects of the proper functioning of books industry, including operational activities, staffing, and inventory. For instance, sixty-three bookstore brands responded to the survey.

The biggest percentage of revenue for indie retailers originated from the sales of new front list print books. The latte demonstrated the rapid increase in 2017. Among the report's major points:

  • Most stores surveyed have been involved in operations for 15 or more years (68%).
  • Nine in ten stores have broad aisles for a wheelchair or stroller (93%), while two thirds provide a unisex/gender-neutral washroom (67%).
  • Of all regular, contract, and seasonal staff at Canadian official bookstores in 2018, 72% were permanent and 24% were seasonal.
  • A bit more than half of a bookstore's funds are focused on purchasing inventory (54%), with 37% oriented on operations.
  • Booksellers address a high ROI for in-store occasions such as launches and author meetings.

While the mood of the survey is quite positive, booksellers are convinced in the potential space for improvements. This is the case when it comes to their relationships with the government and publishers.

Closing Note

Over the last decade, both Canadian and international publishers have tightened their belts, especially in terms of events and other campaigns. Even though they are working hard to boost the efficiency of co-op programs, this is still good for all parties involved. Remember that not all aspects of the industry deal with a challenging retail landscape!

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